BSMT aims to build schools of world-class standards and provide the less privileged children with the best education, lodging with 3 meals and a snack per day, amongst many other countless world-class indoor and outdoor facilities.

Food & Shelter

Presently the ratio of local food production to that of global is 1:80. Using modern appliances, BSMT will address the problem of inadequate food through our natural resources and help the less privileged.

Health Care

The healthcare system in Pakistan is beset with numerous problems. However, its root cause is the lack of AWARENESS among our masses. To bring solutions to these problems, BSMT aims to take initiatives on two basic levels namely Preventive Level and Cure Level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work for the welfare of Pakistan by supporting the poor and needy and providing them free education, food and shelter and free basic health care services. We seek out a world of Hope, Equality and Social Justice.